Whitney Ward...

...is a 12 year old orphan with big dreams and a brain to match. She has two great friends, a sparkling report card and the coveted position as editor-in-chief of her school newspaper. But all of the gold stars in the universe could not bring her what she craves most--a perfect family. That is until the universe brings her The Eeks, a family of aliens from the undiscovered Planet Z. Will the aliens provide Whitney with the loving and nurturing environment she never had, or will they further ostracize her from the world she never quite belonged in?


In making Adopted By Aliens...

...Shawnee and Shawnelle Gibbs, the series' creators, wanted to have fun! They put their imaginations to the test by going where few humans have ever gone before--outer space!

Coming up with the story's leading lady, Whitney Ward, was not hard at all for the sisters. They drew from there own experiences of being 'outsiders' in middle school and multiplied that by ten to create the school life for Whitney.

But there's no way that a kid can survive middle school alone, so they developed the characters of Malik and Sondra, Whitney's best buds, and members of 'the nerd herd'.

Traditionally 'nerds' have been the object of ridicule and the butt of jokes. But don't let the nerd status fool you: Though Whitney and her friends are sometimes harrassed by the devilish duo, Lola and Falana Cash, their unique style and intellect, and fierce individuality makes them some of the most secretly admired kids in all of George Washington Jackson Junior Middle School. Hey, look how far new-age nerdom has gotten Bill Gates, the richest man in America.

Whitney's new family members...

...are about as non-traditional as they come: Her mom, is a do-it-yourself, harley-riding mechanic; Her dad's a stay at home chef, who can't cook; Her uncle despises all of humanity and enjoys torturing innocent people for sport; Her brother wants to be the first alien to play for the NBA and her cousin is a wanna-be actress with an extreme identity crisis.

Whitney thought her world was topsy-turvy without a family...but the roller-coaster ride has just begun!



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