Lynesha Kately "Whitney Ward," "Sondra"

Lynesha M. Kately (a.k.a. Nesh) makes her voice-over debut in "Adopted By Aliens." The San Francisco native who enjoys baking cookies in her spare time found it very nostalgic to play a character as "nerdy" as Whitney Ward--they were both outcasts to the "cool" crowd. Things have since changed for the Piscean actress, who decided to go into performing arts at the age of 14. She has done work in Film, Theatre, Modeling and recently formed a band with her close friends in which she plays the electric guitar.


Shawnee Gibbs "Malik," "The Cash Twins," "Abuela"

Shawnee first learned the power of her own voice as a teen DJ at Youth Radio in Berkeley, California. It was there that one of her commentaries landed on National Public Radio and introduced her to opportunities behind the microphone. Giving voice to characters "Malik" and "The Cash Twins" was both great fun and a little challenging for Shawnee. When even family members didn't recognize the scratchy voice of Malik as her own, Shawnee knew that she had done her job. The jury is still out, however, on her interpretation of Sondra's seventy year old Mexican-American grandmother, "Abuela!"


Kari Wishingrad "Mom," "Ms. Miller," "Grandma Crosby"

Kari Wishingrad began her acting career at age four when she performed "Mary had a Little Lamb" a capella at summer camp. Even though she felt some frustration to the audience laughing, it has not deterred her from following her hearts desire to become a professional actress. After decades of theater performances in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area, Kari has turned her focus to film, voice over, industrials, print, TV and commercials.

Kari's theatrical influence early in life was inspired by Mel Blanc, Carol Burnett and the Beatles.


Eric Moss "Uncle Q," "CatMan"

Eric Moss was not adopted by aliens, but his sons think that he came from outer space! A master of many voices, Eric has brought his creative energy to stage, screen, and television. Yes, it is all true! Eric is currently involved in recording Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories" as well as internet radio projects.



Steven M. Thomas "Dad," "Mr. Quibly," "Bro Crosby"

Steven began his theatrical career as a dancer with over 20 years
experience. He has choreographed for various Bay Area theaters and taught dance throughout the East Bay. He moved on to land principle roles in the "Wiz", "Ain't Misbehavin'" and "Guys and Dolls". He has also worked as a voice actor in radio commercials and cartoons. Not only is he a talented dancer and actor, Steven has garnered acclaim for his vocal stylings including the "Best Male Jazz A Cappella Singer" at the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards!


Daphne O'Neal "TV Mom"

Daphne began her performing arts career at the piano, winning scholarships and top honors in regional competitions from age five through 16. At nine years, she began ballet training, and in college, broadened her interests to include modern, jazz, and Caribbean dance. After college, she turned to vocal studies and hasn't turned back since.

Daphne is well versed in several langauages and dialects and works regularly in film, TV, commercials, industrials, and print. Daphne is thrilled to contribute to 'Aliens,' her second project with Reel Republic.


Shawnelle Gibbs "Principal Arnetta J Johnson" "Cousin Bee"

After years of being told that she posesses a southern accent, Shawnelle decided to put her 'twang' to the test by giving voice to Adopted By Aliens' soul siren, Mrs. Arnetta J. Johnson. Although Arnetta is twenty years her senior, Shawnelle believes that she captured the throaty essence of the aggressive middle school principal. Arnetta J Johnson also happens to be one of Shawnelle's favorite ABA characters. You can hear Shawnelle singing in the Adopted By Aliens theme song as well as being the syrupy voice behind Whitney's bubbly Cousin Bee.


Mark Neely "TV Dad"

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