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Whitney Ward

Whitney desperately wants to be a "normal kid," but she is just about as ab-normal as they come. She's one-part tomboy, one-part geek and half alien. Well, almost...

Whitney has dreamt of having a family for as long as she can remember...but adopted by aliens? Her natural wit and casual style have made her shark bait for the uber popular Cash twins, but Whitney dreads the thought of what living with aliens can do to her already lukewarm social life. Reading books and working as an editor at her school newspaper serves as her refuge.

Whitney depends alot on the support of her best friends Malik and Sondra. The three of them have been dubbed "the nerd herd" by The Cash twins and their cronies for years. But without her homies, it would be hard for Whitney to make it out of middle school.

When she grows up, Whitney hopes to write a memoir about her life and with as much material as she has to work with already, it should be a best-seller.

The photo of Whitney (left) was slyly taken by Sondra as Whitney gets her "groove on." Dancing is something Whitney loves to do when noone is looking.


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