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Women rule on Planet Z ! No, really. Mom comes from a long line of highly educated, high ranking, successful women and intends to carry on the tradition here on earth. On Planet Z, mom worked as a diplomat for her territory's government, but decided to switch gears and explore a career in what she's most passionate about--cars!

Mom loves Whitney to death and is very sensitive to Whitney's wants and needs--but she leaves the "mushy stuff" to dad.


Dad was a top chef back home on Planet Z and frequently oversaw the preperation of meals for the worlds royalty and most celebrated officials. He also produced the tastiest meals for his family. But that was on Planet Z. Without access to key ingredients and utensils to make his famous dishes, Dad is ill-equipped when it comes to creating edible human meals.

As dad tinkers around with measuring, seasoning and oven-timers, Whitney eats most of her meals at Sondra and Malik's houses. Fortunately, Dad gives the most insightful advice while he burns up meals.


Zeek is one of the coolest kids in the universe. Thanks to satellite radio and t.v. from Earth and Planet Z's gallactic neighbors, he's got the 411 on what's hot from East Manhattan to Western Mars.

Zeek is surfer, hip-hop head and bookworm wrapped into one and would love to live the rest of his days on Earth. One of his biggest fears is returning to life in his boring old neighborhood on the cold Planet Z.

Despite having green skin and warts, Zeek has won major cool points with kids at GWJJ Middle School and even rubs shoulders with the Cash twins' posse. Half of the time, Whitney doesn't know whether to call him her brother or her enemy.


It's hard to believe that Bee is related to Uncle Q. It's even harder to believe that he's her biological father.

Bee is all sugar and honey and, like Zeek, was highly influenced by the universe's Satellite waves. She fell in love with the films of hollywood's golden era and is making it her life's purpose to join the ranks of the cinema's legendary actresses.

But it's hard to find work as a purple-hued alien and Bee is tired of being offered monster roles. She seeks solace in wig-shopping and buying gifts for relatives, most of all Whitney. She even has her eye on a leading man in her love life--Whitney's english teacher Mr. Quibly.

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