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Uncle Q

The Cash Twins



Uncle Q hates human beings. He particularly hates the idea of living with one. He was even opposed to the move to earth and would have stayed on Planet Z if he hadn't vowed to return back in 1983--the year his wife was abducted by humans.

Uncle Q promised to leave no stone unturned and no human untouched in his quest for answers. Experimenting on humans in the basement of the family home has become Q's favorite pasttime. He and his sister (mom) often quarrel over his general dislike for people, but if she ever found out about his secret laboratory or his plans for Whitney, he'd be on the first thing smoking back to Planet Z.


Lola and Falana Cash are the biggest and baddest girls in school. Literally. The twins are repeating the 8th grade for the second time at GWJJ Middle School after being kicked out of every private school in the state of California. So it is no wonder that they stand a foot above most of the children at school. Their legendary history of sicking dogs on teachers, dancing in music videos and hobnobbing with college guys, has given them unprecedented respect with the general population at GWJJ and they demand every bit of it.

The willowy fashion plates are not that physically intimidating--it's their pitbulls Tupac and Biggie that part crowds at Jackson Jr. Middle. The twins most enjoy antagonizing Whitney and the "nerd herd," but secretly admire Whitney's intellect and uncanny ability to pull off overalls in 2006.

If Lola and Falana ever make it to high school, they plan to drop out and pursue modeling careers. The Cash twins' ultimate goals are to become the first twin supermodels-turned-presidents-of-the United Sates.

Catman resides next door to Whitney's family and prides himself on knowing the most intimate details about the lives of his neighbors. Unfortunately, his neighbors know absolutely nothing about him and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Catman has an assorted collection of feline friends that will likely become endangered species thanks to Uncle Q and his secret laboratory. Catman is highly suspicious of the goings-ons at his newest neighbors residence and makes a point to question Whitney every chance that he gets.

The family is forced to walk on egg-shells in the presence of the ever-present CatMan.


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