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ABA Trailer : Special Feature!

Don't have time to watch all the episodes? Ready to get crunk at your computer? Enjoy all the action and adventure of Whitney and the crew in the coolest animated trailer on Youtube!

time: about 2 min.

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episode 5: The Wild Ride Home

*Final Episode of Season 1*

The Cash Twins are hot on Whitney's trail and her only escape comes in the form of Mrs. Miller, her kooky social worker. But the ride with Mrs. Miller is anything but smooth sailing. Will Whitney make it to meet her new family in one piece?

time: about 2 min.

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episode 4: School Daze

Whitney thought running into a bunch of aliens was scary but Lola and Falana may just prove to be a whole lot worse. The trouble gets doubled at George Washington Jackson Middle...

time: about 2 min.

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episode 3: Meet The Aliens

Uncle Q has plans for Whitney and another unsuspecting human captive--and they don't include dinner and a movie! It's time to take a ride with the Aliens!

time: about 3 min.

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episode 2: The Abduction

Whitney is abducted by an unidentified Mad Alien while on her way home from her best bud, Sondra's house.

time: 3 mins size: 1.2 mbs

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episode 1: Prime-Time Parents

Whitney dreams of becoming a part of her favorite TV family, "The Crosby's."

time: 3 mins size: 1.5 mbs

[watch it now!]

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